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We examine and review the financial statements with the purpose of expressing the neutral technical opinion through the following procedure:

1-     Examining the internal financial control system of the client and extract data.

2-     Evaluation of the internal financial control system.

3-     Preparation of effective auditing plans.

4-     Specification of the important areas for auditing.

5-     Preparation of the appropriate auditing programmes.

6-     Documentation of the auditing operation in the professional manner and in accordance with the professional standards to reach the provision of appropriate recommendations and suggestions.

Accounting Services

We help the client to benefit from the Accounting Services in the best possible manner by designing and developing financial accounting system, registration of the Accounting cycles, detection of financial errors and contradicting functions, and proposal of the suitable solutions to the client. Some of the works which we can perform in this respect could be summarized in the following:

1-      Registration and carry-over of accounting records for the purpose of reaching the financial statements.

2-      Preparation and supervision of the preparation of financial statements.

3-      Follow-up and rectification of any item in the financial statements such as (fixed assets, sales, purchases, stockpiles …etc)

4-      Designing and summarizing the accounting cycles (sales cycle, purchases cycle , stockpile cycle … etc)

5-      Participation in evaluating or designing a new system the client wishes to buy or design.


The "Zakat" and Taxation

We render our professional services in the field preparation of the Zakat and Taxation Attestation, or knowledge about the Zakat and Taxation reflections that might be generated when performing a new transaction. Furthermore, we recourse to the authorized departments of Zakat and Taxation on behalf of the client. We further provide our client with the sound understanding and complete knowledge of the mechanism for calculating the due for payment of "Zakat" and Taxation.


Other Services

1-     Analysis of ratios.

2-     Development of work plans.

3-     Preparation of future financial statements.

4-     Performance of inception recording for new projects.

5-     Evaluation of Accounting Systems and Internal Control systems.

6-     Merger and separation processes.

7-     Risk Evaluation and Risk Management

8-     Classification of contractors.

Feasibility Studies

We seek the assistance of economic studies offices for the conduction of proposed economic feasibility studies, or for companies intended to be established; and we apply the following aspects in this respect:

-         Market study.

-         Evaluation of the proposed strategies.

-         Evaluation of expected returns.

-         Evaluation and analysis of the required resources, services, tools and necessary equipments.

-         Identification of the suitable capital and operating costs.

-         Identification of the necessary period for recovering of invested amount.

-         Identification of equalization point.

-         Identification of cash flows, returns, profit and loss.

-         Evaluation of the necessary financial requirement for the project.

-         Analysis of expected trends directions of the basic variables.

-         Evaluation of the investment efficiency.

-         Identification of highest profit point possible in the light of merger in products.

-         Preferential between investment decision and setting of priorities.


1-     We perform execution of inheritance cases according to assignment by the heirs or the court.

2-     We perform follow-up and execute judgments in embezzlement and misappropriation cases as well as conflicts that are within the jurisdiction of security bodies and courts.

3-     We perform follow-up and settlement of distressed real-estate stock cases.

4-     We perform liquidation of distressed establishments, companies and projects according to the request of one of the partners or in accordance with a court judgment or the elapse of the lifespan of the organization set in its contracts.

5-     We implement the judicial seizure imposed on certain organizations by virtue of a judicial judgment or according to the request of partners.


Selection of Recruitment

The well known fact is that the success of any project is associated with the best selection of the individuals. We perform selection and evaluation of individuals who will be recruited in financial positions and in the internal auditing of the client. Our criterion and style takes the following steps:

1-     Study of the required position needs, salary, and entitlements specified for such position.

2-     Search for the Human Resources that is compatible with the position's requirements, if they could not be provided from our database.

3-     Perform the tests for applicants to select the most efficient among them.

4-     Prioritize those who are efficient and allow the opportunity for the client to select the individual suitable.

Computer Systems

The Office provides advice to the clients for the evaluation and examination of the different aspect of computer uses to ensure that it satisfies the client needs. Our services include the development of financial and administrative systems, supervision of application and continuous follow-up of updating of such computer system. We also perform the transformation from manual work patterns to the modern electronic system to ensure competency and efficiency in implementation of works.

Our services include planning, then developing, and then operation as well as helping the client to select the best accountancy programmes and the most suitable one to his needs.